Passing Shots: Growing Galleries

I’ve done a poor job keeping up the image galleries, especially since the writing and editing has taken center stage since last fall. What uploading I’ve done has been chiefly to the topical galleries at SmugMug and I hadn’t really given Flickr much attention of late.

X-wing Pasture Patrol Hovercraft
X-wing Pasture Patrol Hovercraft

So I open up my pro account at Flickr and find I’ve received (but not gotten email notification) of a number of messages largely from folks wanting permission to use the images here or there, some for pay, including the Green Hour efforts of the National Wildlife Federation whose efforts on behalf of RE-naturing our children I wholeheartedly support. Sorry folks, didn’t mean to diss ya.

So here’s the link to the most current SmugMug gallery I call Summer_09 that will carry on through fall I feel certain. Some of these of the girls and creek and such you’ll have seen on Fragments.

If you’re interested, the Flickr slideshow is sort of nice to sit back and watch. Early on, black and white images from What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader, then various color landscapes and nature shots going back a ways. I think there are about 600 images total.

3 thoughts on “Passing Shots: Growing Galleries”

  1. Always glad to see your galleries.

    I have done a poor job of e-mailing you lately

    I have been lost, somewhere, maybe it’s the heat, etc, etc. just have not had much to say, also.

    just want to let you know, I still read your web site daily, even though you may not hear from me for a while.


  2. I don’t know about you, but I find keeping up with my multiple online presences is becoming a full time job.

    In any case, I always enjoy the photo’s…

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