P1nk Fl@yd

Landscapes from Floyd County, Southwest Virginia by Fred First
I wish my hands hadn’t gone numb so quickly Friday night. I’d have loved to hung out on the corner of Locust and Main on the Courthouse lawn and fiddled with the camera under unique lighting conditions.

I’m still far down the learning curve on the Nikon D200, especially for night photograhy, motion photography and am still learning what the vibration reduction will do for the 18-200mm lens.

Even so, I was pleased enough with the way this shot turned out, especially as I only came away with a half dozen before I went stiff with cold.

(I disguised the name of this post a bit so I don’t get disappointed music fans coming here down a Google wrong turn. Also, I’d hate Adsense to head off in the direction of advertising grunge music on Fragments from Floyd. Ya know?)

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