Nothing Ordinary


I know this from my photographer’s experience: any image I take is one of a kind. Each composition—in light or in words—is unique. The light will never be that color from that angle on that exact configuration of barn, tree or wildflower ever again.

And this: that we too often take for granted the extraordinary senses of vision and hearing, touch and smell that are our gifts—opportunities given us by which we could know the familiar beauties too often missed or dismissed in our hurried lives.

We have so little time in the present and there is so very much to take in and share. There are wonders all around. From our everyday lives, these familiar things may seem unremarkable to us. But in these precious instants in time, if we keep our eyes open and our hearts ready to know it, there is nothing ordinary.  ~ from the Author’s Note,  Slow Road Home.

Click image for enlargement in black and white.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Ordinary”

  1. Your photo and words sent me outside this morning to capture “a certain slant of light” on my Pennsylvania hilltop. Thank you.

  2. I enjoy your photos and other connections to your life in Floyd…

    We had a great time in Floyd over the weekend of October 31-November 2. We were pleasantly surprised at all there was to do and see in town. It was also interesting to experience 2 unique cultures existing in one town… See my blog for more…

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