Everything is Coming Up Roses. Mostly.

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Yes, I’m aware these are not roses, from another plant family entirely–the Asteraceae, in fact–and our pasture and forest margins are full of them. These white Chrysanthemums are mostly concealed in dense buds yet, but any day now, they will burst out like floral popcorn, white dotting the swaying grasses.

What a bucolic and romantic backdrop. You can almost see two figures, a man and woman, young, in fin-de-siecle dress, bounding in slow motion towards each other through the field of daisies. And at last they meet in the middle, and I wake up, and its just two pre-elderly types in rubber boots wearily walking the dog after a day of work.

They’re not roses, but my blogging life has taken a turn for the better–with my decision to not dig the blogger hole any deeper; and with the kind collaboration of my present friend and server host and my future (and also past) friend and server host. I’m a fortunate man to be in such good hands.

They cannot, however, push me up the WordPress learning curve. I’ll have to do that on my own over the next couple of months. So, once the move is made (in the next week or so) there will still be occasional (or frequent) rearrangements, outages and the like. But that’s okay. I’m hoping this reorganization will correct some of the weird things that have prevented FFF from being accessible, findable, visible, and rss readable for far too long.

So any WordPressorians out there willing to lend a hand, I’ll be calling on you!

2 thoughts on “Everything is Coming Up Roses. Mostly.”

  1. I’m running 3 WordPress blogs at the moment – feel free to holler if you have a question.

  2. My main blog uses a wordpress.org platform, and i administer five others on wordpress.com, so I might be able to help. I think you’ll find it pretty intuitive, though. Lorianne DiSabato figured things out in a manner of days.

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