June 10, 2004


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Here is a snapshot from yesterday's photo-excursion to Giles County. I went to bring back pictures of Little Walker Creek. I did not go to be washed downstream in an SUV by Little Walker Creek.

"I'm pretty sure we can do this" he said, as if to reassure me.

But for a brief instant as the landowner eased his Explorer down the muddy bank into the swollen, muddy river; as I felt the force of the current shift a ton of metal subtly seaward--I quickly considered my emergeny plan. Would I wait until the vehicle came to rest against a hidden rock somewhere downstream, then if not submerged, open my window, climb onto the roof holding my camera high over my head, and scream for help? Or would I start screaming now and save the wait?

I did appreciate J taking his afternoon to transport me where the rabbits couldn't go yesterday. I was disappointed that the stream was so high and muddy because I had preconceived ideas of the shots I was going to bring back, and they all included the clear, green pools below the towering green ridges, the reflections, the motion of the current. I saw it all beforehand, and that just didn't work out. I have two or three I will keep, and may post them later, here or the gallery.

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I have many relatives that live along Little Walker Creek, Rt 100, several have either swinging bridges or bridges that span the creek, I've spent alot of time, swimming, fishing, floating on innertubes along it, almost as much time driving along side it, and looking forward to seeing it again....
3 of my uncles built their houses along it, another lives in the house that was my Grandfathers, an Aunt who lives at the edge of the treeline above the creek and several cousins living along it as well,
I just wanted to say thats for the photos


Posted by: Les Stafford at July 11, 2004 07:39 PM

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