January 08, 2004

Little Forest Goes to the Doctor

It seems like just yesterday our little Forester was a spotless zero-mileage neonate here at the Subaru nursery at the foot of Tinker Mountain. Now, it's two months old, covered with Goose Creek dust and the interior cluttered with empty CD cases, Cheerios between the seat and console, and sixteen dollars of spare change gangling and sloshing around in the ashtray. Unfortunately, it was born with a birh defect and we are back today for a little minor surgery. Yes, the mirror came out of its place in the visor the first time Ann pulled it down on our way home from the dealership on Day One. So much for workmanship. At least he had all his little fingers and toes.

And, while I find it hard to believe and even harder to admit it, I am blogging from the Service Department. They make two offices available for work-a-holics that can't wait to get important surfing done while they're away from work. I brought a book and a magazine to read, but it looks like this cheap little cubicle with a ten year old computer, Windows 98 and a scroll-less mouse; and what -- maybe a 14.4 modem? -- it is the only place to sit while waiting. So I don't see that I had much choice, really. So I BE MOBLOGGING! Yip!

Yes, Annie Dillard's Tinker Mountain is only a mile away, sad and gray under it's spare second-growth forest looking like a mangy dog of a mountain. And like most high places anymore, it fairly bristles with prongs and spikes and stilted and winged towers and antennae of every variety. The mountain is hardly the stuff of inspiration, even in a mystic that can find wonder in a waterbug or a frog or muskrat. Maybe Tinker Creek is altogether pristine and enchanted. I'll pretend that this is so. Maybe I should walk over to the creek while little Forest is getting his braces fixed.

Or mabe I'll just do my Gump Impersonations for you: "Ah may not be a smaht mayun, Jenn-ee, buht ah know what love ee-uz". Thank you. Thank you very much.

That's funny. I just went in my bookbag for a pen and realized that the book I brought to finish is Annie Dillard's "The Writing Life". How strange. You know, life is like a box a' chok-lits-- you... oh never mind.

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Oh no, not a defect on our wonderful Subaru Foresters. Ours is 3 weeks old tomorrow and had first infant doctor's visit Wed. for 1,000 mile check. So far so good. Had to order ugly rubber floor mats to deal with globs of clay on our boots. Sigh...so much for "new car" honeymoon.

Posted by: Gretchen at January 9, 2004 06:55 AM

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