October 07, 2003


Dear Mr. Discount Life Insurance,

I am so happy that you have visited my weblog and left the inspiring comment "interesting" (text which I am sure is coded into your blog-bot) on several randomly chosen posts from my archives. Please know that I am not the least bit interested in clicking on your weblog or emailing you as I am sure you hope to promote your business. This weblog is not a place from which I conduct business other than that of writing to friends, and for your own benefit, I am telling you that your efforts to obtain business via this weblog are wasted. I am sure that my fellow bloggers feel the same way and will soon block their weblogs from future comments from you if you persist. Have a nice day.

Posted by fred1st at October 7, 2003 06:24 AM | TrackBack

Big Bob says you're 'interesting', too? And I thought I was special! Next you'll tell me the good folks with the little v-pill want you to help their sales, the way they keep asking me to.

Posted by: steve at October 7, 2003 06:45 AM

We got "Good Post". The personal sleazy touch.

Posted by: Jane Finch at October 7, 2003 08:52 AM

What a letdown. I was so excited that someone thought one of my posts was 'interesting'.

Posted by: bill at October 7, 2003 09:08 AM

Check this out: Scot Hacker's Blog

He's found a way to get rid of the comment spam.

Posted by: Jeremiah at October 7, 2003 10:17 AM

A small readership has its benefits after all - I'm obviously not worth the effort!

Posted by: Ian at October 7, 2003 12:00 PM

I wouldn't bother unless they become a large percentage of your comments...as soon as a work around becomes wide spread they will re-tune the bots. As long as the search bots crawl your public doc directory you will have the inevitable commercial bots leaving a trail of comment slime. First and foremost, the search bots are mining data for their advertisers...not to provide us with free content.

You can put a one line htaccess file in your root directory that will stop crawwlers, spyders and bots...but you won't be searchable.

I would rather have free access to search and refrence resources and put up with web page spamming than pay for every page view. Que sera sera.

Posted by: feste at October 7, 2003 03:27 PM

I got one from Mr. Insurance that said "Thanks for the post." I couldn't figure what it meant then, and I still can't figure out what it means now.

"Interesting," eh? At least he didn't write "Indeed."

Posted by: Dane at October 8, 2003 12:23 PM

Here I was, thinking I was special.

Are you getting them on old posts? That's where mine are showing up. I have half a mind to report the site to their host.

Posted by: Da Goddess at October 9, 2003 03:28 PM

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