October 06, 2003

BoomBoxed Boomers

Okay. I'm a boomer (an early one at that). And I confess, this is the kind of music that I find comfortable in the background during my computing day. We get exactly one FM station here in the canyon, so the variety of online music (when the DSL is working) has been a nice addition.

Check out Boomer Radio. After installing a little Windows Media app (AbaCast) to speed things up, the music loads fast, plays without breaks, and offers a nice mix of 'stations'. My current favorite is Acoustic Cafe, but in addition to Smooth Jazz Favorites, Sweet Soul Music and Classic Mix, the sidebar tells of other channels soon to come. Very little chatter, good back to back music, though I wish it would scroll the artists names for some of these whose voices are so familiar though I haven't heard them in years while I can't quite place if that's Carol King or Carly Simons, Neil Young or Cat Stevens.

Posted by fred1st at October 6, 2003 09:21 AM | TrackBack

say fred, i meant to ask you, did you ever get my tunes to play for you again? i remember there was some problem with no files found or something?

Posted by: bud at October 6, 2003 09:57 AM

Groovy, man.
I usually listen to the "folk" channel on Yahoo Launchcast, but it's nice to have some diversity.

Posted by: bill at October 6, 2003 02:01 PM

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