October 03, 2003


I druther have a tooth pulled. We have to take both the dog and the cat to the vet today for scheduled maintenance... rabies shots and such. Risking the double insult of stolen plates followed by a ticket for driving the car while someotherperson uses our car tags, there's no way I'm letting that dog in the cab of the truck with me, "held" by Ann's loving but quickly mangled arms. Whichever vehicle, the cat will be wailing pitifully from the cat-carrier in the back seat and it will no doubt be a tale told by an idiot. Make that two idiots.

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Hey, what a coincidence! I have an appointment to take my dog and cat to the vet tomorrow for their regularly scheduled maintenence ! I hope your trip was uneventful. My cat will also be in a carrier, and the dog will be free in the passenger seat...provided she comes in tonight. She easily senses when I want her for reasons other than companionship and although I've been home late the past three nights (which sometimes makes her edgy and rebellious), she's run in and jumped on the couch, ready to settle down for a sleep, but tonight...she greeted me with her infrequently seen deer-jump (that means she's very happy) but then she realized tonight it actually mattered that she come in and be shut up and she promptly ran off the porch and across the road to hunt the wild Holsteins.

Posted by: Jessica at October 3, 2003 09:50 PM

I "druther" it was you than me! I didn't know you had rabies in North America - that's one thing we don't have here.

Posted by: Jenny at October 4, 2003 05:42 AM

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