October 03, 2003

My Map of the Mundane

From the journal devoted to the study of mundane behavior comes this "outburst" essay that seems aimed squarely at moi... be sure and follow the links to historic maps and savor the writer's enjoyment of language. Fragments is, after all, only a personal "mappa mundi" of one mildly disoriented traveler.

"All maps are historical. And history, as we know, is a branch of rhetoric. Maps only capture a momentary glimpse of the turning world with a particular argument contained in the vision. Although we turn to maps to give us a picture of the world, they often rather give us a picture of ourselves and how we see ourselves in the world. Although we trust them as a scientific view of an objective, unchanging state of physical geography, in truth, maps only reflect the fantasies, fictions and ambitions of what a particular time and ideology thought the world ought to be. On a mundane map, orbis non sufficit."

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