October 01, 2003

Putting My Money...

... where my mouth is.

Well, while not exactly anatomically accurate, I do have intentions of spending what I think will be wise dollars to ward off CTDs, RMIs, and other forms of what a patient once called 'them competitive motion diseases' -- of course meaning conditions like carpal tunnel (also rememebered from the annals of PT patient malaprops as: copper tunnel, carpet tunnel and my all-time favorite-- 'tunnel corpuscle' disease).

I am on the very verge of ordering this ergonomic office chair unless one or more of you vigilant consumers sends urgent caveat emptors my way by tomorrow.

The seat-pan/back angle control I need, elevates easily for the vertically challenged in our household (no, not Tsuga) and especially for me to ward off the various bursitis gremlins that seem determined to ruin my good times-- elevating arm support that I have always had in office chairs at work since the early 90's.

I'm open for alternative providers, but these folks pay UPS shipping! How kewl is that!

Posted by fred1st at October 1, 2003 10:01 AM | TrackBack

Got your heart set on that one?

There are 3 major players in the ergonomic chair field right now. (knowing this is your area of expertise.. don't laugh when I put my foot in my mouth.)
That chair don't impress me much.
I'm at work right now, but this evening I'll try to pull something together for you.
(gives me something to post to my new toy blog anyway.)


Posted by: Jeremiah at October 1, 2003 02:00 PM

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