October 01, 2003

No Recent SitComs, Please

If we still subscribed to the DISH and upgraded to the Channels Actually Worth Watching Package, I might want to catch this one.

But alas, we traded off the One-Eyed Brain Sucker for this here DSL line. Mostly, that's fine. But I tell ya, there are some days I'd like to sit down and have my brain sucked for a half hour. At this point, I'm moving-picture-deficient enough I guess I'll even get around to watching the videos with the remaining episodes of the first season of M.A.S.H. that Ann gave me for Christmas almost two years ago. My mom sent me back from Bama in August with two VCR tapes of some of Johnny Carson's last shows, a few MASH's (several with the endings clipped off-- mom!) and darn if I didn't sit through an entire Hallmark Hall of Fame weeper chickflick, just because pictures were moving on the screen.

One VCR tape seems to meter out about a month's worth of sit-time in short snatches like I prefer. I bet I could find somebody to TiVo me one tape a month. Now if I just had a foggy notion if there was anything truly worth watching from that somebody's two hundred channels. Seen all the Gunsmokes (found myself thinking in Festus Hagan's voice there for a while last summer) and Andy Griffiths and Seinfelds, yadayadayada. Any suggestions?

Hmmm. With the DSL, I wondered about downloading movies. Anybody know anything about downloading movies?

Posted by fred1st at October 1, 2003 05:53 AM | TrackBack

Fred, I just subscribed to Downloadmatrix.com so I could check it out. In spite of the nicely designed site and the glossy graphics, it is just a means for sharing illegally copied files. The site also sells several different kinds of software to "protect your identity" while downloading files. Not my cup of tea. I am interested in downloading legally licensed movies.

There must be a download service somewhere....but this is not it.

Posted by: David at October 1, 2003 07:01 AM

Blockbuster was experimenting with a download service but they shut it down. I'm not aware of any legal service at present. If you get PBS they are running a weeklong special "The Blues" right now which is well worth tuning in for.

You also might want to look into Netflix - www.netflix.com (if you have a DVD player). It is a fantastic service.

Posted by: Chris at October 1, 2003 09:12 AM

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