September 25, 2003

Grabbing my Fancy

Start a shoe tree in your neighborhood. (Ours would be sadly bare... too few feet in these here parts. And it would be full of old boots). Thanks for da linkBoynton. Enjoy your spring!

Make Green Goo (wish we had kids as an excuse to concoct this wonderful blob on a rainy saturday!)

I can't stop coming up with captions for this picture. I'll spare you. Make your own. Send them as comments. It just begs for comments, y'all. Keep it clean. This weblog is rated G for grampa (or was it Grumpy?)

One of my favorite pictures of our Head of State. And a well-written article on Bush's Religion by Jim Wallis... a man I've watched walk the talk for twenty years.

My favoritest radio station, WNCW in Spindale, NC... what a great eclectic mix of music. Not kidding. Dar Williams on now... the Babysitter's Here. Great.

Eye Candy for storm watchers like moi. Thanks, Mark.

Stop it! I mean NOW! Stand back from that keyboard. You'll be glad you did. Your wrists will hug you for it.

It's not too late for you to drive away in a 1989 Volvo 740 Turbo Sedan that still has some remnants of leather interior and also a steering wheel. Looks like I'll be driving it for a while til the doc can figure out why my Dakota Truck has coughed up a lung (well, a radiator) for the second time in eight months. The Volvo actually has ample headroom and I actually can sit up straight--if I open the sunroof.

Well that's all til I get some coffee in me and rub me some considerable puppy belly to ease the separation anxieties of a certain mongrel thankfully contained on the other side of the barricade that makes this my room and that one, his. Last night we had the horrible thought, as Tsuga with great difficulty alligator crawled under our bed at lights-out. What if he is growing so fast that in the morning, we'll have to call the Jaws of Life at 911 to get him out! And while on the subject of Hisself, when Ann asked for a daily review of his behavior when she got home from work yesterday, I actually found myself using the words "Tsuga" and "sweet" in the same sentence. Eureka!

I can't promise you I won't add to this list during the day. I have that lean and hungry look and can't be trusted. But you know that.

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This post is to blogs as tapas are to cocktails.

Posted by: feste at September 25, 2003 02:05 PM

Caption for the Russian boys picture


Posted by: Curtis E. Nester at September 27, 2003 10:04 AM

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