September 24, 2003

Cidermaking Musicmakers

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I don't think the boys would object to me spreading the good word about some good music. I must say it went down especially well with good friends, cold cider and Killian's Red on a crisp September day. The fellas in the picture represent the core of the New Roanoke Jug Band, and brought along the traditional musical jug, several washboards and a kazoo. They'll be playing at Oddfellows in Floyd on October 25 and we'll be going if you want to join us there. Bet ya can't sit still. Below, from Bluegrass Now:

"For some raw, unadulterated old-time music, the New Roanoke Jug Band's "Play It For A Long Time" is the album for you. Inspired by the Roanoke Jug Band's music of the late-1920s, native Virginians Jay Griffin (fiddle, washboard), Scott Baldwin (guitar, banjo, jug, slide guitar), and Andrew Thomas (bass) offer a number of blues, rags, and songs that evoke nostalgic images from the front porches of rural America. With over 78 minutes of music (24 tracks), this album is jam-packed with uncluttered, energetic picking and singing.

Besides tunes from their namesake, the band draws material from such sources as the Carolina Tar Heels, Andrew and Jim Baxter, Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers, Hobart Smith, Jimmie Strothers, Frank Stokes, and Clarence Ashley. This album also contains four bonus tracks, recorded by the original Roanoke Jug Band in 1929. For a hot time in the old town tonight, this album will get you singing, toe-tapping, hooting and hollering right along. On "Play It For A Long Time," Baldwin, Griffin and Thomas are ably assisted by six friends (Jim Barnhill, Russ Harbaugh, Kinney Rorrer, Kirk and Lisa Sutphin, and Mac Traynham) on some of the CD's tracks." (review by Joe Ross, staff writer, Bluegrass Now)

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I'll second to all of the above. These are great guys and love what they do. I've had the pleasure of having two of them sit in with Scott Perry in my studio on Scotts last CD. We had such a good time they have booked to come back for a another New Roanoke Jug Band CD. I might also add that Mac Traynham is finishing his first release in about 20 years. Oops better mention that Lisa Sutphin is my cousin. Nice site here. Keep taking those spider pics. It's what good land is for.

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