September 22, 2003

The Cider Makin'

image copyright Fred First
In an attempt to keep my rostral portions to the abrasive wheel this morning, I'll just post this picture from yesterday's cider making at our friend Joe's. A good time and a great deal of fresh liquid autumn in a cup was had by all... not to mention the great music, with maybe some pix of the musicians up here in a bit-- if I can be duly responsible and actually finish something as I ought. Ah, but to just slip outside in a few minutes after Ann leaves for work and the house is quiet-- to watch the sun, slower to rise each day, begin to wake the birds on the morning of their trip south, hear the first drip drip of last night's dew from what leaves remain on the maples by the branch, feel the invigorating autumness of the dawn air... surely that would help me do an even better job when I settle down for real and get to work. Just maybe thirty minutes sitting out back in a lawnchair with a cup of coffe, that's all.

And the Muse said: Don't make me come down there!

Guess I'd better be shakin' it here, boss. See ya later.

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