September 16, 2003

Today is Brought to You by the Letter B

B from Venomous Kate (can you find Fragments?) and B from OneFineJay (also Fragmented link to the letter B).

Also today happy for visits from the interestingly written Gangstories (with a nice blogroll link, thanks!) and several visits over the last several days from a useful aggregation of links called JournalistExpress. UPDATE: Never mind. I just got comment spam from this site. DON'T GO THERE!

I'm thankful for my blogging community today, you make a difference in my odd hermetic life, and you broaden my horizons. Go look especially today at this evocative description of an island that is no longer an island off the coast of Newcastle, Australia where Jenny and Geoff and kids give us Mulubinba Moments, complete with some great photos.

Noontime news says western Virgina where we are will likely be spared the worst of Isabel. Eastern Virginia, however, is in for a very rough time of it, it now seems. Keep those people in your prayers, folks.

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