September 07, 2003

Alpha Male ~ Can-do Doggie

image copyright Fred First

"Just this once", you may recall, T-man was allowed on the couch. We increased the distance between couch and table so he wouldn't be tempted to take one giant step for puppykind. But alas, he was tempted, he did take the leap across the chasm and when I got up to see what the commotion was, he was hanging from the edge of the table by his front paws, rear legs churning in the emptiness of space with this guilty, terrified look on his innocent-seeming little face. He wanted me to show you this picture just to prove that he can get up the couch by himself, anytime he wants to, just this once.

After three weeks here, Tsuga is learning his way around the house, if not the whole valley that Buster used to own, and I can leave him in the yard unsupervised for short periods to do the important stuff outside while I pretend to get the less important people-work done inside. He is still uneasy leaving the house very far and it's a bit of a struggle to have him keep up. If you pick him up to carry him, he wiggles and squirms furiously (he used to be happy to be carried) and I remember so well when our small children suddenly rejected being coddled or carried or treated "like a baby", insisting "I can do it myself!" They couldn't. But needed the illusion that they could.

And so a walk down the valley away from the house consists of 50 yard dashes: we walk, he balks, we turn and call him and he comes gallumping down the truck tracks in the pasture, but takes at least one headlong tumbling face-plant on purpose, into the cushioning tall pasture grass. This is the canine version of jumping harmlessly into a pile of October leaves or into a January snowbank. On the return trip to the house, he requires no prompting, following our scent and knowing at the end of the line is the safety of his yard. And of course, the cozy couch.

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Posted by fred1st at September 7, 2003 06:16 AM | TrackBack

He has such beautiful features - he obviously comes from good lab stock. Still waiting for a pic of your place. We're heading into spring here - I'm going to enjoy hearing about your Autumn and winter.

Posted by: Jenny at September 7, 2003 06:43 AM

Looking into those eyes, it's easy to empathize with your "inability" to turn Tsuga down when he pleads for something.

Posted by: Cop Car at September 7, 2003 11:58 AM

Yikes, he looks like a teenager already!

Posted by: Doc Rock at September 7, 2003 12:12 PM

Ha! A bedsheet cover on the sofa is a clear indication that you've caved in the battle of the sofa (BOTS). I bought a sturdy cotton duck slipcover and gave up fighting the BOTS a couple of months ago.

What can ya do...having a pup curl up next to you and present a belly for rubbing and is sort of the point of a companion dog isn't it?

Posted by: feste at September 7, 2003 02:23 PM

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