September 04, 2003

I'll Show You Mine...

...if you'll show me yours. Map, that is. At the Ecotone site this week, a dozen of us discussed "Maps and Place" and it was interesting to see how closely we identify with our maps, even if they are just mental-- not the folded, worn paper kind with the diamond-shaped hole from countless refoldings just exactly where you need to see a critical road number.

I'd like to see where you live. Have you ever found your homeplace or neighborhood on the Topozone maps site? Why don't you, then, within the next week, say... and post it on your site or send it here the body of a comment or email and if you want me to, I can collect them and post them as a group one day next week. (Just type in the city name, name of a local land feature.. mountain, creek, etc and the Topozone search engine will find your map, then just copy the url).

Follow the link to Fred and Ann First's place on Goose Creek. Our house is the black dot above the red cross. You get the sense of they lay of the land of 'our little valley' that I so often speak of at Fragments, and see the 'nameless creek' that flows south-to-north to meet the headwaters of Goose Creek running along the dirt road between the house and barn. The "ford" disappeared in 1970 when the road was improved; ours was the last state-maintained road in the county that ran through a creek.

Now, think about finding and sharing your map. I think this would be fun. But then, this is just weird Uncle Fred talking. And you don't have to humour me. I won't go away and that's a promise. Or is it a threat?

Posted by fred1st at September 4, 2003 05:36 AM | TrackBack

What's funny about this map is that it doesn't show Armstrong park, which is just behind our place on Blain, as coming out to Blain itself. Which looking out my side porch window, it clearly does. Our place would be at the corner of Blain and Parkway, except for that little finger of park that the map doesn't show.

Posted by: trish at September 4, 2003 09:18 AM

Fascinating topic. I discovered that I live on the downslope of the Holy Butt right next Buckberry Branch, which drains the cove. The red line at the bottom of the map is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park boundary.

Posted by: fletch at September 4, 2003 01:21 PM

Hey, Fletch... that'd make another great topic at Ecotone... names of places on your maps. Right now, I'd have to give the prize for Holy Butt. I'd never again be able to lift mine eyes unto the hills without conjuring up a very strange

Thanks for the map, man, you're right in the midst of G-burg... how that little place has changed since we first visited the place in the late 50's.

Posted by: fredf at September 4, 2003 01:27 PM

On the subject of butts, near where we live (Newcastle, Australia) there is a place called Blackbutt Reserve... The Blackbutt is of course a tree.

Posted by: Geoff at September 4, 2003 06:03 PM

Hey all. I used to play a travel game where I made up the characters in a novel from names on a map. Some how all the plots I dreamed up crossing Kansas and Nebraska were westerns.

I also love to find out why certain names were given to certain places. The ones I love the best are the practical ones. (Buckshot, shot a buck here. Tincup, dropped my tincup in the stream and found some gold, Mosquito--you guessed it.)

One cautionary note. Revealing personal information such as location on a map is probably not such a good idea. There are too many examples of negative consequences. You really have no control over who is looking at your site. I really do hate to ruin the fun, because I'd like to see where everyone is from, but the potential risk to my family, while probably very small is still too poorly defined to bet on.

Posted by: punctilious at September 4, 2003 06:32 PM

Topozone doesn't work in Canada. But at you'll learn more abou tmy island than even I want to know.

Posted by: Chris at September 5, 2003 01:58 AM

I found my little street, buried amongst the elevation lines and street lines and rail lines that make up my little corner of Atlanta, GA. The elevation lines really don't do justice, though, to the plummeting slope that is in our backyard. It's a bear to mow!

Posted by: Curt at September 5, 2003 11:39 AM bet I check the topozone map...yesterday I knew the earthquake was close by the shortness of the sine wave. I've had the unpleasant experience of a web stalker, so I won't point out my exact location.

Here's mine. Look about an inch above the red cross marking the epicenter to the purple hilltop above and to the right of Berkeley...that's where we are.

Posted by: feste at September 5, 2003 07:57 PM

and here I am, Andover, MA!

Posted by: Cyn at September 5, 2003 09:22 PM

Andover, MA
Incorporated May 6, 1646
Population, 31,247
Square Miles: 32
Number of Acres: 19,900
1,500 (7.5%) controlled by Conservation Comm.
1,000 (5%) owned by A.V.I.S.
889 (4.5%) owned by Commonwealth - Harold Parker State Forest

Our town selectmen recently issued their 'mission statement' which follows.
"The Town of Andover, more than a place to live, is a way of life. Its legacy of democracy shall be preserved. Each citizen should experience the treasures of nature, history, individual respect, neighborhood and learning. As resources and energy allow, each of these gifts from the past will be enriched in the present for those yet to be."

One of Andover's claims to fame is Phillips Academy, with many famous alumuni, among them JFK, John Kerry, a few other Presidents and top elected officials and oh yeah, George Sr and George, Jr. A fact (the Georges) some point to with pride and others of us mention as, well--as an afterthought! ;)

Posted by: Cyn at September 6, 2003 08:40 AM

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