August 27, 2003

Alpha Male: Dog Has Worms

We distinctly remember, when we were first considering what kind of dog to get for the kids long years ago that Labradors as a breed were described as "wanting to be involved in all famiy activities." The new pup has not determined quite yet what that entails, but is already after a week beginnning to pick up the rhythms of life here with us. Unfortunately, that includes his biorhythmns syncing with the alarm clock, and so there he stood in the pale blue glow of the night light at the top of the bedroom stairs, ready for a new day, at 3:50 Saturday morning. There was no putting him off, and so we both dutifully got up, this just reinforcing his role as family rooster and official starter-gun for a day on Goose Creek from here on.

There is one job he is already fully involved in, and that is pulling weeds. I've done right much of that lately, because it is one planted-in-place job I can do just out the back door while waiting for the blessed bladder event or just getting Chucky's teeth outside for something un-upholstered to bite on. Tsuga loves to help with the weed-pulling. And an added bonus: he's learned that when he pulls snatches of grass from along the walkway where I'm working, the earthworms come out of the wet grass by the bucket-full.

Oh, I'm awishin' I was fishin'. I could have used these 6" beauties back when I fished for bream at East Lake as a boy, paying for a couple dozen wormlets so thin that when you stuck in the hook, it cut the thin pink line in half. Tsuga's worms would fetch a dime a piece, easy. If I could just train him to have a soft mouth and drop them in a bucket of mulch, I'd be in bidness. And to think that this wee pup already knows how to fiddle for worms. You do know about fiddling worms, don't you? Note that if you're going after maximum worm-fiddling efficiency, you take the chain off a chain saw and ram the bar in the dirt with the engine running to bring the worms up. Somehow, that doesn't seem quite sporting. At least Tsuga's method gives 'em a fighting (or squirming) chance.

While the dog has not fully found his niche in the house and family yet, I must say, he has already elevated our lives here. The toilet paper. The wicker basket of shoes on the bottom shelf in the bathroom. The long bath towels. All this and more... has been elevated since Tsuga came home with us. It looks rather like we're expecting a flood on the bottom floor. I can hardly imagine how it will be when his legs grow long, and he becomes imbued with an even higher power over us, and our well-chewed belongings.

(Lest you feel compelled to offer aversive training suggestions to prevent excessive puppy chewing, I confess I exaggerate the role Tsuga's mouth plays havoc around here. He's getting better every day, has his 'soft mouth' on about 80% of the time, and my forearms are healing nicely.)

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More pictures! We want more pictures!

Posted by: Pascale Soleil at August 27, 2003 11:55 AM

I have told several people that i have met about fiddle worms and how we would get them.but they look at me as though i was smoking funny cigarettes.would some one please do a write up on methods of catching and uses of fiddle worms.I have used a lot in my younger days for trotline bait

Posted by: Ira Shaneyfelt at October 25, 2003 09:38 AM

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