August 24, 2003

Alpha Male ~ One week Anniversary

Little Tsuga has indeed gone through some amazing transformations in his first week with us, as you see here in this recent image. You'll remember in the last picture, I commented on his proportionally small hind quarters, and those have continued to diminish and have become vestigial and practically invisible in the picture here. At the same time, also following a trend seen early on, his little teeth have become quite prominent. Also there is this odd little gibbosity on his forehead; I am strangely attracted to it somehow, but have not yet examined it fully as yet. But soon, as I am inexplicably fascinated by it.

The thrill of victory: He knows how to avoid the first impulse to pee and is now able to store it up, which will come in handy for later months when he goes out to advertize his boundaries. (This reminds me of a Gary Larsen dog, seen holding up a hose, drinking liberally. The wife dog says: I see you're getting tanked up for a night on the town with the boys!" Tsuga 'saves it' and comes to get us up (several times) to go outside with it, tiring of the same old braided wool rug, and now taking over the much larger back yard for this purpose.

New Favorite Place: He came up missing yesterday. I could not find him in any of this favorite spots to sleep (which he does intermittently during the mid-day especially). I knew he had not yet mastered the door knobs and must be inside somewhere, and I finally found him lying on his back in ecstacy, in the bathroom, in the shower stall. I think he was dreaming he was in a bubblebath with Lassie 'cause he was some kinda blissed.

So far, he has met only one other person besides me and Ann since arriving on Goose Creek. That's about par for the course out here... one 'stranger' per week; often less. The neighbor who cuts our hay came by and Tsuga was all over him wiggling like a nightcrawler on a hot sidewalk. And speaking of earthworms... but that is for another time.

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Oh, the joy of that puppy-stranger enthusiasm! My last dog, Sheila, hadn't lost that, even by age was wonderful!

Posted by: Da Goddess at August 26, 2003 02:38 PM

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