August 22, 2003

Clean and Jerk

image copyright Fred First

Sorta broad in the shoulder, narrow in the hips, and everybody knew ya didn't give no lip to Big Tsuaga.

If you cover up everything in this image but Tsuga's back quarters, you'd think you were looking at a tiny dog with very big feet. This perspective makes him look like Mr. Upper Body with a Russian weight-lifter's gut: I give you Tsuga Wudjabuzoff!

He's gonna get me one day for showing these baby pictures. I gotta go. Time for the 3:00 feeding frenzy.

Posted by fred1st at August 22, 2003 02:57 PM | TrackBack

You've got yourself quite the dog there I think.

Posted by: Bene Diction at August 22, 2003 03:27 PM

By the header on this article I take it that you have pup into weight training? Who spots for him--you or Ann?

Posted by: Cop Car at August 23, 2003 04:28 AM

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