August 21, 2003

The Angry Red Planet

Don't Forget Mars

On August 27, 2003, Mars will the closest to Earth it has been in 59,619 years. On the evening of August 26th and into the early-morning hours of August 27th, Mars will appear brighter than Jupiter!

The best place for you to be to take a look at Mars is one with a good view to the south and one that is away from city lights. To find the red planet, look in the southeast sky after sunset. Weather conditions will determine how impressive Mars looks, so please check out the projected sky conditions on What makes this event significant is that Mars will not be this close to Earth again until the year 2287, so if you have not observed Mars recently, or ever, now is the time! (from AccuWeather).

Angry Red Planet. A really, really bad movie from my childhood, it featured "Dr. Iris Ryan - Nicknamed "Irish," she is here to scream at all the scary monsters. Her entire face unhinges. I swear the woman is part snake."

Posted by fred1st at August 21, 2003 05:48 PM | TrackBack

I'll wait for the the next one. *G*

Most likely we will have fog down on the deck as usual. The SF Bay Area summer weather seldom cooperates with sky events. I haven't seen the Perseids shower in years. We are in a perfect geographical position for the really dense summer showers...but seldom have a clear night in August.

In 1980 we lived in rural northern Sonoma ambient light and crystal clear nights...they were spectacular.

The cat de jour & I tucked into a summer-weight sleeping bag on the lawn and watched them for hours every night.

BTW-We're in a solar coronal hole today...that's 'splains a lot. ;-)

Solars winds created conditions for the Aurora to slip very far south...the site has wonderful Aurora Borealis photos.

Posted by: feste at August 21, 2003 07:33 PM

Mars has been spectacular for quite some time, now. I've been watching it from the huge bay window in the bedroom. Usually, for the last few weeks, when I lie down and turn out the last light, the attempts that my eyes make in adjusting to the dark give apparent motion to Mars and I must convince myself all over, again, that it isn't an airplane on approach to the local air force base. Drat! I did miss the occultation, though.

Posted by: Cop Car at August 21, 2003 07:58 PM

I can't believe you made mention of the movie, The Angry Red Planet! One of the most horrible, therefore, most delightful, films of its genre.

I have recorded sound bites from the movie and store them on my computer so I can play them whenever I need a lift. Truly horrible. I love it!

Posted by: Mark at August 22, 2003 02:08 PM

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