August 21, 2003

Talk About Yer Fragments

Briefly, in snatches, between episodes of ominous sounds from the next room (which sometimes can be that of absolute suspicious silence) I have snuck into the Command Post here-- while Tsuga roots around among his toys-- to post a few random bits. Let's see now...

Oh to find the ULTIMATE idea organizer! Could this be it? Considering the source, probably not. But OneNote seems to be making some steps in the right direction. I really must find a replacement soon, as my PIM once known as the Higher Learning Centers of frontal and parietal lobes are making some ominous static-y noises from time to time, and frequent rebooting is necessary (I prefer to call them 'powernaps').

It's a floor wax! NO! It's a desert topping! Google is now a calculator.

Yippee! The word "new" has been used in association with Fragments, and by association, moi! At 4:00 when you-know-who woke me up and was oh-so-briefly entertained by a rawhide chew, I was able to check email and visits, and behold!.. Fragments was Number One in theTechnorati Top 50 NEWcomers. I'm new! Does this mean I get a new warrantee on parts? (Here's how the Technorati Illuminati describe the purpose of this new Newcomers page).

The three dusty, parched and wounded cowboys are wounded, running out of ammunition, losing hope of ever seeing another day, when-- what's that in the distance?-- they hear the bugle-call of the Cavalry approaching to run off the Warlike Indigenous Persons who have been tormenting them for days. Our cowboys will live after all! I understand how they must have felt. Although she is sleeping 'late' (heck, almost 5:30 now) Ann will be home today to rescue me from this wild In'jun of a dog and I can do, oh let's see... five days worth of outside stuff...finally. I think I hear the bugle calling now! Yes, I see the pastel colors flying and the dust of her bedroom slippers appears beyond the mesa just over the horizon. She's up! I'm saved! The END.

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