August 18, 2003

How did you meet your wife/husband?

The subject has come up in a couple other blogs and emails, so I thot I'd offer my short story. Any volunteers out there to add you own? Send us links in comments.

The year was 1968. My room mate Mike had met this gal Judy and been out with her once. Once was enough for Judy to know that if there was a next time, she needed reinforcements, as Mike didn't waste much time on the getting-acquainted part of a relationship. Mike is coaxing her for the second date on the phone, and Judy at the hall phone in the dorm sends out a distress call: "Anybody willing to back me up with the guy I met, his room mate is available?" Ann just happened to be standing near by, and bored, and there ya go. The rest is history.

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I was driving by one of the local parks and saw a friend. Stopped to talk to him and saw the Wonderful Spouse playing frisbee with some other guy. WS stopped playing frisbee and came up to where my friend and I were talking.

Got introduced and that was pretty much that.

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I posted on the calligraphers' mailing list back in 1995 a request for the best knife to cut goose quills, because I was a birder and the geese were moulting down by the Charles River in Boston... Numenius wrote back from Santa Barbara to say he knew nothing about quill knives but just wanted to say hi from another birder-calligrapher.

My friends and family were worried sick -- this was early days for internet romances. We finally tied the knot (literally, around a maypole) on August 10 of this year after seven years together.

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