August 16, 2003

Crate Expectations

We're in the final preparatory stages for our ride over to Allisonia at noon to pick up our weanling pup. What to put in the crate to mark it with our scent and help little Tsuga adapt to his new home? Ah, Ann found a couple of pair of old cut-offs up in my closet... dress khakis I used to wear to work, which when they became too embarrassingly threadbare in the knees and seats became work pants. When the knees finally split open, the were raggedy cut-off shorts. Now they will be puppy padding/people potpourri. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from complete multiple use of something. This doesn't seem to happen too often these days.

A while after we reached the decision about the cut-offs for the puppy, I found a pile of buttons on the kitchen counter. "Where'd these come from?" I asked. Ann had taken a fine pair of scissors and snipped the perfectly intact buttons off the old pants pockets. They'll find another life soon if I keep popping the waist button off my old trousers. (Do you hear the word d i e t implied in this message?)

The very first time I went out with this gal (a blind date and subject of a future post to be sure) she was wearing -- and I'm not making this up-- a home made dress made out of feed sacks. (No, they weren't burlap). She reminded me how her mom used to take the worn collars off her dad's white work shirts and turn them around and sew them back on. The frayed part then was hidden under the turned down collar.

I have no idea how to turn this point in the conversation back around to the pup. Oh, except maybe to say that we have had a lot of wasted table scraps (well, at least a smear of gravy now and then) since Buster has been gone that will certainly be cycled one more step now, converted into blond fur and canine energy and a welcomed new member of our little Goose Creek gang.

Posted by fred1st at August 16, 2003 10:06 AM | TrackBack

Happy parenthood to you, Fred and Ann.
Please tell Ann that, although I no longer wear dresses made of feed sack, I do make pillow cases and such from them (and I gave a bunch of feed sacks to a friend the other day who wants to use them in quilts! Old sheets go into the interiors of quilts.) I, too, remove buttons (and took several small plastic bags full of buttons to work to share, the other day. They were claimed within minutes!) I join you in trying to use things up. Unfortunately, we are pack rats who will never be able to use everything up.
Happy adjustment period with Tsuga!

Posted by: Cop Car at August 16, 2003 10:46 AM

Hey Fred,
Looking forward to seeing pics of the new pup. My old lab is on her last legs also (she's 12). When my wife and I saved a few pups from the people across the street (they were keeping them in the back of a pick-up truck) a few years ago. My parents decided that they needed to 'take cire of' Daisy (my lab) for a bit, until the new pups were acclimatised. As of this point Daisy still hasn't made it back to the house. She's getting old and senile. My mom has told my father and I that it's time to think about putting the lab down, it's hard for her to get up and move. Both of us are having a hard time with it. But your tribulations have made it easier to come to terms with the situation.
Good luck with Tsuga...


Posted by: dave at August 16, 2003 02:30 PM

Hey. I remember snipping the buttons and zippers off of clothes before they went into the rag bag. Seemed pointless to me at the time. Just another consequence of being raised by a depression baby. Looking at the world now, I think we need more button snippers.

Posted by: punctilious at August 16, 2003 03:26 PM

Blind date eh? Me too. We'll have to trade stories someday.

Posted by: Chris at August 16, 2003 03:33 PM

Ooooooh, Fred! Pica and I are all spasticized, cackling on the phone and everything, we're so anxious to see Tsuga and hear about all y'all's early adventures!

Posted by: doc rock at August 16, 2003 05:16 PM

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