August 16, 2003

A Time to Unificate

The first time I saw John McCutcheon, he was jamming in the college cafeteria with some student musician-friends of mine, back in the mid-70s. Over the years, he has become a well-known musician as well as a musicologist of acoustic music, and we have a half-dozen of his hammered dulcimer and other albums.

Now, he has taken his turn in perserving the very words of wisdom of our Most Supremest Leader, using Mr. Bush's very own words, in this spoken song you can listen to by MP3 (scroll down to the bottom of the linked page to Hail to the Chief) or just read the lyrics, but the full impact of this presidential compilization really comes across in John's vocalific version. Hail yeah. A brief excerpt:

Its time to make the pie higher This ideas sure to resignate This is no time to be subliminable Its a time to unificate

NOTE: If you go to the lyrics page to read "Hail", srcoll back up a page to "Our Flag Was Still There" that John wrote with the consent and help of Barbara Kingsolver.

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Part Yogie Berra and Part Dan Quail. Amen!

Posted by: Cop Car at August 16, 2003 10:38 AM

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