August 08, 2003

The Cumulo-nimbus Oracle Has Spoken

The results are back after exhaustive testing by the Shroud of Turin Forensics Team, and here are the conclusions regarding the TRUE vision inscripted in the cloud:

image copyright Fred First

Obviously, what you are seeing here (as outlined by our expert technicians to facilitate your grasp of this occult apparition) is a regally pampered and immaculately groomed, rather small Pink Poodledog Princess, lying on its side expectantly (facing left of image) on an affordable, adjustable deluxe Craftmatic Dog Bed at firmness setting FOUR.

Most significantly, our experts, by means of highly-technical graphics enhancement techniques, have revealed an astounding element of the image that was initially just out of view to left of image, showing the Finger of the Hand of God approaching, poised to tickle the Royal Belly of the Heavenly Poodle. I think you will agree, this is life-altering. I may start my own denomination. -- Friar Fred of Floyd

And here are the reverentially considered pronouncements from mere terrestrial skygazers, whose visions ranged from snowman poop to last year's Michelin Man.

Looks like a bear pointing at something in the distance. Perhaps the other side of the mountain. Mark

Tears of a clown Jeremiah

An extremely (and uncharacteristically) ferocious English sheepdog? That malevolent eye in the middle . . . I CAN'T be wrong about THAT. Rhonda

looks like snowman poop craig

Giant dog with cherub in its mouth (centre & top); mythical-type creature (halfman/half animal) fleeing from dog in foreground. Jenny

A baboon (full face looking off frame right)a small cherubic face with pursed lips (slightly right of center) feste

I see an odd-looking boy growing out of Godzilla's left jaw and a very tiny clown peeping out of Godzilla's mouth, but i've no idea WHAT the extra eyes go to. Perhaps i sould try again after the jello shooters wear off. Anne

The Hulk bogie

The first thing I saw was also a sheepdog. Chris

I saw Godzilla too! Dave

Read on for last year's cloud-diviners' answers ....(yes, this is a re-run with interesting new interpretations!)

I think it's the Apotheosis of the Michelin Man, painted on an 18th-century Viennese ceiling. The cherubs and pegasus-chariots and the Empress Maria Theresa (smiling, clutching a wreath of laurel to her bosom)are just outside of the frame to the left. Barbara of Pinniped

This is some kind of sneaky Rorschach, isn't it?! I see a crazed Michelin man, mouth open in an angry roar, leaning forward with his right arm extended... to do what? Who knows. susanna cornett of Cut on the Bias

I see a man drowning, trying to keep his head above water. (She wonders if it might not be O. Bin Laden, hiding up there). Michelle Catalano

It is a dalmation puppy on his back, in a vice. (The head is the roundish greyer part at the top.) Ol' buddy, Dennis Stamper

I see a large curly haired dog with a pronounced brow that shades its eyes, a large bulbous nose perched above an open mouth which holds an invisible regulator because it is certain this dog is scuba diving (tank at upper right) I also see .. if you take the dog, it's nose becomes a young lad along with his sister to his right, on a magical journey on the open-mouthed flying clam they are lying upon. The sister has one leg kicked up and points at something below, or perhaps at the mouth of the clam. Maybe it had an itch. If you want to make it sinister, the children are unaware of the beast whose bulky paws hover right behind them, and whose beaked head looms above. The forementioned scuba tank/monster also looks like Gonzo the Great. Jen the Imaginative (who left no forwarding address but may be out grazing among the funny mushrooms somewhere in a Texas pasture, under high puffy clouds -- FF).

I see a big curmudgeon, but what I notice the most is how much the picture looks like an illustration by Howard Pyle or N.C. Wyeth. Possumblog Terry, The Esteemed and Philosophical, Pensive and Erudite Chief of the Pouched Mammals.

A roasted marshmallow ready to be eaten. Kevin McGehee

Without having read the comments from others, I took one look at this picture and saw the exact same thing as susanna...a malevolent cloud-god staring down and to the left with a look of fury and wrath. Yikes!!! Curt the Curteous from Hotlanta

I saw the figure of God reaching out to man from the Sistine Chapel. Kehaar/Siflay Hraka

I see a herd of cats in Fez's. Bene Diction Blogs On

A de-horned Minotaur, sitting at a small circular table, conversing with an owl perched on an overturned napkin dispenser. Bigwig/Siflay Hraka

AND LASTLY... I remembered when I posted another cloud picture last year, Sid "Big Wig" of Silflay Hraka saw (and this was right in character) "a sheep dog, but in particular, Ruff, Dennis the Menace's dog, with a corncob pipe in his mouth, holding his head at a jaunty MacArthuresque angle".

Posted by fred1st at August 8, 2003 09:49 AM | TrackBack

Verrrry cute, Friar Fred! All things are possible in the Universe of Dogs. (Keep this in mind on the 17th; I'm positive your next One True Dog will find you!)

Posted by: Rhonda at August 8, 2003 12:47 PM

Nope, nope. That was definitely Godzilla. You folks in Floyd just been sniffin' tree sap too long.

Posted by: Anne at August 8, 2003 09:42 PM

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