August 04, 2003

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

We must be living in the Computer Black Hole of southwest Virginia.

As of yesterday, my son's ThinkPad 600 has errors 08611 and also the ever-popular 00301 and some system board error-demons that suggest we are suddenly in the laptop shopping business, here while still computer-broke from the happy experience with Dell some few weeks back. Tomorrow he leaves for three years in college in Vancouver, and we need the system waiting for him there by early September!

I'm open to suggestions for finding the lowest-dollar highest-reliability system we can for his meager word processing needs. It will have to be a remote purchase as there are no refurbs in the flesh for 200 miles. Any thoughts? Arrgh!

Posted by fred1st at August 4, 2003 09:14 AM | TrackBack

Well, I'm always partial to macs. They have some neat iBooks, and OS 10 rocks! :-)

Posted by: Bryan at August 4, 2003 10:14 AM

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