August 03, 2003

Fred Unplugged

My great thanks to TravelerTrish for gracefully enduring a months-worth of words (not even the dog to listen to me now for a month) about writing and writers and me! me! me! After close to a year of blog-acquantance, Trish's first visit yesterday was a pleasure for all of us Goose Creekers. Trish scored extra points when she was willing to go the extra mile on our walk... in the rain!

I think if we work on her, we can get her over to the Blog Side. She speaks wisely and with ease of her wideranging experience (that now is recorded in her Live Journal) and would become a widely-read blog presence, even if she didn't write something every day. Thanks, Trish, for kicking my writer's-butt and yes, I'm doing my homework already. Come back up soon and we'll do downtown Floyd and the Parkway and next time, I promise... I'll let you talk.

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I didn't feel I had any trouble getting a word in edgewise! Remember the monologue on the porch about How I Met My Husband? I can rattle on!

Posted by: trish at August 3, 2003 03:34 PM

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