July 30, 2003

Trees and Place

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Or rewording the topic "How have vegetation, forests, and plant life of all forms contributed to your sense of place during your life?"

That's the subject this week at the Ecotone where writers about place congregate to explore the subject of WHERE.

Please consider writing on this biweekly topic, then submitting a link to your own blog on the Ecotone biweekly topic page for August 1.

It's really simple to do, though the format of the page, called a 'wiki' is a bit out of the mainstream. Anyone can participate without 'joining' or signing up or asking, just come over and jump in. Here's how. From the "Trees and Place" page, go to "edit the text of this page" at the bottom. Then in the edit window, enter your permalink and essay title. It will look something like this.

[http://www.fragmentsfromfloyd.com/archives/001382.html Roadside Weeds]

Note the link and title are within straight brackets with a space or more between the link and the title. After that, outside the right hand bracket, include the first paragraph from your essay or a similar short text introduction to the post, and if you're new to Ecotone, maybe a word about where you live, et cetera. If you don't get your post done by August 1, just add it to "Trees and Place" as soon as you get it completed on your journal or weblog. Look forward to meeting some new folks this time around!

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