July 27, 2003

Need for Speed

Has anybody used any of these purported "Internet Speed Boosters" with Windows XP? Do they make any appreciable difference; are they safe? reliable? Maybe XP has maximized MTU and all those registry settings that Win98 left at the slower default settings, I dunno. I'm not gonna mess with anything at this point that will set me back to reinstalling the OS for the FOURTH TIME in two weeks! (BTW I am using an external USR modem).

Here is a page of FREE tips to increase dialup speeds. I set hardware flow control and increased max speed to the next notch up from 115K and it seems to have made an noticable difference. YMMV.

Posted by fred1st at July 27, 2003 07:37 AM | TrackBack

Such things only store copies of frequently accessed pages on your hard drive. Sites with dynamic content (like a frequently updated blog) won't work too well. And I've known some of them to actually *not* refresh often - so that you have a very dynamic page and suddenly, after you install the software, there is seems to be no action for a few days and then Lo! A week's worth of posts all in one day. They are also bad if you access online webmail.

When I worked help-desk for a website the first thing we asked is "do you have one of these "faster net" software things?" If they said yes, we suggested they remove it.

Posted by: Huw Raphael at July 28, 2003 11:30 PM

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