July 26, 2003

Etcetera Etcetera

The new computer transition that started on July 14 is finally ... knock on wood... complete, and the computer system and all its peripheral parts seem to be working as I expected they were going to almost two weeks of anguish ago. And yes, next time I will consider a Macintosh.

Today I am looking forward to getting some roadside wildflower pictures before they are gone by. I've been doing a lot of botanical rubbernecking for a couple of weeks now as I drive through the countyside (much to the consternation of poor passengers who'd rather I watch asphalt than asters) and will set out this morning around 9:00 while there is likely to be some nice backlighting, perhaps a bit of fog and dew as well. I'll combine photography with the obligatory run to the Post Office to deliver a package. We receive and send our mail from the P.O. in Check, VA (which always brings to my mind the phrase "the Check's in the mail".) If I get any keeper images, of course, I'll share in the next few days.

The new computer really zips in Photoshop (where my old system used to groan) and XP's display and printing and other photo functions are a real plus to a FoTog like me. And of course, now I have (what seems at this point to be) oodles more storage space for images, and have the luxury of setting my default image size up a notch. Speaking of which... I cannot understand why the vast majority of publications still do not even consider accepting high-resolution digital images for their magazines, etc. The resolution of a 2+ megapixel image is going to exceed the dpi of their printers at most image sizes, so why the resistance to accepting digital images? Not to mention the convenience, vs keeping up with a submitted print.

So. I am feeling a bit more connected today than I have for a few weeks, with all the pet woes, house guests and technical problems that have floated under the bridge on troubled waters recently. Maybe, he said in his blissful ignorance, there will be a period of calm before the next crisis. At any rate, my threshold for posting to the blog here is obviously quite low this morning. Anything goes. Obviously.

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Regarding Digital pictures:
you have to keep in mind that when you crop down to a small portion of a picture from a digital camera you don't have very much resolution left.

also the jpeg compression can leave nasty little artifacts all over your image.

I think that the new 6+ Megapixel camera and/or cameras with the foveon sensor will change all that.


Posted by: Jeremiah at July 26, 2003 01:08 PM

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