July 25, 2003

Print Path

I have had two 'authorities' advise me in identical paths toward finding a format, layout, font, paper, graphics to text relationship, and general feel for the little book I'd like to put together.

These two experts have recommended that I go to a big bookstore and browse within books that might have one or more of these characteristics I'm looking for, and buy them to show as examples to help hone my focus on a finished product that will be what I want the book to look and feel like, not some combination that a disinterested typesetter might cobble together for me.

My first attempt to do this was not terribly successful and I'm having doubts about the use of color (up to 4" x 6" images, banners, faint-image color in margins, possibly spilling a theme that would wrap across two pages, etc) in a book that is 5 1/2 x 8 (which is one of the default sizes that doesn't waste paper, which in this case would need to be a finished surface that would do justice to the images). Of course, most books that want to show off color images to good effect are large format, with heavy high-finish paper, and the cost is out of sight. I may have to give up the idea of incorporating images entirely, but so much of what I would include in the text is visually focused, the pictures would be a nice element to include. We'll see.

I'm open for suggestions.

Meanwhile, I return from time to time to the other possible forms of self-publication, and CafePress is a new player. If nothing else, check out the free pdf converter they lead a potential publisher to. The price is right.

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