July 21, 2003

To Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth

I first visited Gatlinburg in the mid fifties, about the time the famous SkyLift was first constructed. It took an awful lot of prodding to get my granny on the thing, because she warned us that this infernal contraption could get stuck with folks stranded hanging in a puny little chair where they would starve to death and be picked apart by crows and ravens.

Well sir, she was right. Witness sixty folks hanging in the air for several hours. Hope they all had big bladders. Go see. Via Jane at Daily Rant from Fletch at Smokey Mt Journal who has a great picture of the debacle.

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Funny how if one lives long enough every warning given by your Granny comes true.

Ya know how Mom or Gran warned about having clean undies in case of an accident...well I experienced a similar experience last winter.

I wrenched my right knee while crawling under and around cubicles rigging a temporary network. Good thing I shaved my legs that morning...sure enough they cut off both pant legs in the ER.

[For those of you who haven't figured it out..feste is a blogger of the female gender.]

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