July 20, 2003

Here's Your Sign

Image copyright Fred First
The search goes on. We've been picking up local newspapers, asking friends and coworkers, exploring any source that might help us find our next pup-dog. And whaddaya know: right in our own back yard, a PIT BULL FARM. They have dogs for sale here if you're brave enough to back in there; I think they are free-range / pick-your-own, and certified bad-to-the-bone.

Just kidding (although the sign did show up last year on the side of the road, not far from here. I grabbed the picture and got outta there!) We are going Tuesday to look at some yellow lab pups that will be ready the middle of August. If one of them calls out to us with it's sad puppy eyes and expectant smile (and what do you think the odds of that are?) we will probably choose one to bring home in a few weeks.

Posted by fred1st at July 20, 2003 06:56 AM | TrackBack

If those are the signs, sad puppy eyes and expectant smiles, boy are you in trouble - you'll be bringing at least two home!

Seriously, I hope you find find that special puppy.

Posted by: bogie at July 20, 2003 07:30 AM

I'll give you odds of 100 to 1.

Posted by: Cop Car at July 20, 2003 12:04 PM

You know..that sign is a lot cheaper than a high tech alarm system for your home and probably more effective. Thanks for the idea.

Posted by: fletch at July 20, 2003 12:50 PM

As already noted...a good alarm system.

I remember driving in the Hills district here, an outer area of Sydney. A sign caught my eye roobubs for sale. Joeys, baby kangaroos? Some new strange species.? All was solved when I reached the stall furher down the road. All that was being sold was rhubarb.

Posted by: Jan at July 20, 2003 05:23 PM

Thats where you go if you want ten dogs to chase your car.

Posted by: mike at November 29, 2003 04:18 PM

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