July 15, 2003

The Eagle Has Landed

...sort of. Got the new Dell System yesterday and went through the exhilirating and terrifying process of putting it all together. Much to my chagrin, there are even more wires sprouting out the back of my desk than ever before (the flat screen with DVSomethingOrOther cable and addition of the subwoofer (way SUB) account for new dust-collecting cords unknown before. The 19" monitor is superb, not to mention light, and the system really hums compared to the 450MHz machine it replaces. Windows XP is going to take some getting used to; it's like trying to cook a familiar dish in someone else's kitchen. Sigh.

And of course, there are always those problems that make a new computer owner break into a cold sweat. Short story: the sound card was not recognized and I got to experience the sweet ease of opening the new case to reseat the sound card in another slot (also a breeze, done without tools... and how nice to open a case that is not full of spidery dustdevils!) And then that subwoofer is way too 'sub' to accept, and I will be receiving a replacement in a day or two.

As I was shutting down the limp-along Win95 sytem expecting the Airborne Express guy at any minute, my last task was to copy some critical recently updated files to a floppy. And the floppy drive seems at that moment to have failed. Today is "Write about Suburbs and Place" day at the Ecotone, and that essay is on the old hard drive sans floppy. Only thing I know to do (and will have to decide if it is worth the effort) is plug the whole system in again, connect to the net, and email the document to myself to post at the Ecotone and here. Or maybe I'll just be a reader this time around.

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You'll love XP once you get the hang of the interface. It's much more stable than the previous offerings from Microsoft. It takes a while to get used to not rebooting the computer daily though!

Posted by: Chris at July 15, 2003 09:03 AM

You moved the sound card to another slot? Did Dell recommend this? What did the system do after you rebooted? Did it recognize the card in the new slot?

Go to your Devices Manager ( right click My Computer, click on Propeties, click on the Hardware tab, click the Device Manager button) and look for the yellow question marks...that tells you what hardware XP can't see/use...then get back to me.

Oh ...one more..you mentioned an issue with the subwoofer? Did you power up the system before you powered on the subwoofer?

BTW- Macs have"issues" too. I have a G4 powerbook that the screen backlight died after less than 4 months of service ...all manufacturers produce lemons. ALL.

Posted by: feste at July 19, 2003 07:13 PM

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