July 14, 2003

Mind Wanderings...

Since we've been entertaining house guests for a week concurrent with my using this limp-along Win95 monotasking computer after the crash of '03, I've done more reading than writing to the blog, so here are a few pointers to blogs of interest at the moment, and some other snippets...

** Rana of Notes from an Eclectic Mind has told us about a 'character' at least somewhat in response to my call a few weeks back for you folks there in reader-land to tell us about your local oddfellows. Rana had a hard time deciding which characters to tell about, as she grew up among all sorts in "Little Town" Texas. An excerpt...

If anyone knew a real diagnosis of his problems I never heard it. Most locals, my Mother among them, were content to say Boy “wasn’t right.” I assume he was mentally retarded. I know he was an alcoholic thanks to the barflies in honky tonks like the Bloody Bucket who gave him beer. Boy spent far too much of his time drunk but even sober he’d roll down the street engaged in an animated and profane conversation with himself. Fortunately few people could understand a word he said.

** Rachel from Down Under is putting together a blogger's quilt. I'll let her tell you...

Purpose: A creative way of celebrating and giving thanks - individually and jointly - to God for community found online.

How: Create your own 100px 100px square: fill it with something that expresses your celebration and thanks for community found online. This could be a photo, drawing, colours, poetry, song, text, verse, symbols, anything that has meaning for you. Alternative: send up to 290 characters (including spaces) to me (and a colour you'd like them in too if you wish) and these will be made into a square for you (using a small - but readable - font).

** The QUILT idea sounded familiar. Oh yeah! Check out Mandarin Design's own Blogger's Mosaic (Fragments is far right on the third row). And speaking of Mandarin, Meg et al have a way to put style in the Stephen Downes Referrer Script (that you can see, sans Meg's improvements, on the bottom of my right sidebar... for reasons I don't understand this script sometimes pulls in dozens of referrers, or like today, only a few of you readerly types.)

** I'm going to go find the picture of the garden from this time last year and repost it later today. I will not show you any pictures of this year's garden however. It is a pitiful shadow of its former self. Susanna, this year, there may not be any Silver Queen to make Fried Corn. Sigh.

** This time next week we'll be scurrying around making ready for the all too rare Real Live Blogger visitation. He will be staying in the Veranda Room, unofficially called the Susanna Cornett Room since she is the only other blogger to stay upstairs overlooking the creek. Our World Touring mystery guest won't be around long enough to get the Floyd County Grand Tour, but likely we will cover Greater Goose Creek, at least. More as it happens.

** Status report: Puppy search... postponed. Sticker shock with the yellow labs; and I am going 'home' to B'ham in August and we need not have an untrained critter for Ann to deal with while I'm away. Computer replacement... it seems Mr. Dell is using Airborne Express these days, and I think I like UPS's approach better. My computer has been in Roanoke, 35 miles away, since Saturday night (I could only ascertain this by a phone call, their online status report is disappointing) and is not scheduled to be delivered until Wednesday. How lame is that. Four days it sits just next door, and will not meet Dell's shipping promise. Book publication: I remain at the very bottom of the learning curve, and this week will meet with a local publisher and a printer to see how color images might impact the production costs (and therefore the purchase price) of a little Fragments book. To make a long story short, I've gotten more encouragement than discouragement so far, but miles to go before I sleep.

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