July 13, 2003

So Many Books...

Good things come in threes. Here are three authors, their ideas and the books that have come to us from those inner words. These new reads have come from Fragments friends in the past few days and I post them as a way of not losing track of them 'tween the present and the distant future when I get 'caught up' on reading already in the queue.

Thanks to Floyd Countian Jayne for telling me about Ken Wilber, whose "Theory of Everything" comes at integrating body, mind, soul and spirit in such a way the book gets high praise from Deepok Chopra and Jon Kabat-Zinn (Full Catastrophe Living) among others. You can read more here.

Chris Clarke, editor of California's Faultline Magazine (and also an Ecotone participant) made me aware this week of Gary Nahban, who writes about nature and culture, primarily in desert communities, but another writer that seems to have an integrative understanding of how life fits together, and can communicate it effectively.

And finally, reader Connie sends a synchronistic link that made me do a double take. On July 10 I posted on 1) the phenomenon of synchronous fireflies, and 2) a bit about M.A.S.H. and its wonderful characters. Connie links us to WHO CARES ABOUT FIREFLIES?: A TALK WITH STEVEN STROGATZ (professor in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell University)... with an introduction by (guess who) Alan Alda! Strogatz' new book SYNC looks especially interesting. He describes new discoveries of the mathematical imperative toward order in our universe.

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