July 12, 2003

Stuff and Such

Sigh. I'm cut off from my email address book (owing some of you letters, sorry) and can't access my FTP software to upload some Rhododendron pix I wanted you to see; can't get to my 'favorites' where I find blogging topics on nature or astronomy and the like, that I resort to when, like now, there do not seem to be any burning issues or silly stories right here at the tip of my hippocampus. My new system sits somewhere in Roanoke, not far from here, and Airborne Express delivers on Saturday ('in most major US cities'... I rather doubt Roanoke makes that cut). So we'll see what the day brings.

The day is already off to a dubious start. After soaking the hornets nest under the front porch for the second time, they are more angry than ever. I thought the first soaking last week took care of them, but our house guests' dog got zapped yesterday afternoon heralding the retaking of the hive. This morning I had just enough spray left in the can to aggravate them, so our cool breezy front porch remains in enemy territory for the day. If the Airborne Express guy does come today, I hope I get to him in time to shoo him (and my new computer) away from the front porch!

Oh the poor sad garden, a mere shadow of its glorious self from this time last year. True, I had to pull water every other day from the creek (until it dried up in August) to bring it along as far as you see here, but too much water and the cool weather in May and June this year did no favors to gardeners. Yesterday I found not a single corn plant emerged from what I put in the ground two weeks ago; we've had rain...heavy ponding rains... every day since then save one... and the seed simply rotted in the saturated soil. If our lives depended on it, we would not feed ourselves from this year's garden.

Having entered the second year of Fragments, it is interesting to me to look back and see what was going on within and around me a year ago. Man, I was wound up telling my tall tales for the first time last year, even though there were not many coming around to listen, and I was the Strange Farmer then. I'd like to get in that 'anything goes' write without editing mode again, and see what comes forth. Maybe later this summer I'll find that zone again and either remember more old ones or conjure up some new stories. I'm a bit bored with myself lately and need inspiration. It may come if I can call up the discipline to read daily. Reading seems to lead to writing. Is it that way for you?

Posted by fred1st at July 12, 2003 08:04 AM | TrackBack

Fred: reading always helps me--a way of expanding my world really fast. Television seems to do the opposite.

The wallamellon piece was priceless and I hope you weren't bored with THAT!

Posted by: Pica at July 12, 2003 09:56 AM

Man, you better knock them hornets out quick! Surely you didn't buy just one can of toxic killing stuff. There's no price too steep to pay when it comes to those bastages. I go through a case of 12 per year. Although this year they seem to be taking the hint...I think the key is to kill them early so the stupid eggs don't hatch.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at July 12, 2003 12:04 PM

Reading and writing definitely go hand in hand for me. When I realize I'm not writing much I notice that I am a)not reading much or b)not reading something that inspires me.

I'm with Pica: reading fills me with inspiration while watching television sucks it out of me.

Posted by: Mark at July 13, 2003 10:28 AM

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