July 07, 2003

Mundane Monday Meandering

Well it's (not) been a quiet week here at Camp Runnamuck.

Black hair reminders are everywhere, will be for years, most likely, and we are still going through life's mundane chores and activities thinking "this is the first time I walked here, ever, first time I came in the barn, first time... without Buster". We brought him home as a wee pup the month we bought this place in its roughest condition, the month after the hospital shut down the Floyd clinic, and I was out in the cold (the first time) but was never alone. It is amazing how hollow our holler has become for the want of that beast, and hollowness inside too, but looking for filling soon. I'm for considering another breed, Ann doesn't change her mind, or heart, so easily, so my guess is we'll find something with a lab's face, even if not black this time.

Our daily storms continue. The pasture grass, tallest grasses laying brown and heavy but with some green growth underneath, was to be cut a week ago, since it was supposed to dry off some; but Tropical Storm Bill had other plans. The storm that came through yesterday sent lightning into the house; a jagged orange flame jumped out of a light switch box between Ann and me as we chatted in the kitchen. No harm done, except when I sat down exhausted at 8:30 last night to 'watch' TV for a few minutes, I found the DISH box is fried. Sigh. Another call to the list for today.

Exhausted and disgusted is what I was. After working all day and finally finishing the painting of the upstairs bath, we went up to admire my work. What's the deal with this dang pocket door... won't open... stuck back in the wall. The molly bolts that attached the new toilet paper hanger to the sheetrock... you guessed it... were long enough to pin the door inside the wall. Undo, replace bolts with shorter, repaint, etc. The joys of home moanership.

Re the computer woes: best I can figure, I should be able to reinstall Win98 without losing data on my hard drive. However, holding Control while booting does not bring up the installation dialogue as I read it is supposed to do. So for now, I'm locked out of my email address book, the bank account won't get reconciled, I can't upload or work on photography, yadayada. I've been considering replacing the 3.5 yr system, so will be calling Dell this morning. I'm getting a flat panel display... for the space savings, but also because my 19" console I carried up the steps yesterday weighs 47 pounds. I made it up the steps with it, but I swear, I'd be afraid to come down them with it. I'd probably lower it with a rope from the upstairs porch if it ever needed to leave upstairs for any reason. (I'll be sure and get pictures when this happens; should make a nice companion image to the snake picture from the weekend. Oh Ann checks overhead whenever walking out either door now... probably always will from here on... know what I mean?)

So. That's the story from where I live... where the woman is strong, the man was reasonably good looking, and both the children are above average and living in places without snakes over their doors. (Apologies, Garrison).

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Gotta say it, even if it's fearsomely annoying and probably impractical for all kinds of good reasons...

Get a Mac, Fred! You'll love it!

Posted by: Pascale Soleil at July 7, 2003 02:27 PM

I left you a message on my blog.

Posted by: bogie at July 7, 2003 04:45 PM

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