June 29, 2003

Hard Times

Thanks to those of you who have been where we are now with our 'best friend Buster'. I just gave him Prednisone. It may relieve his symptoms a bit and give some respite from the awful pain that is now preventing him from standing more than a few times a day. We have to lift him down the one step from the back porch to the yard, and then he just stands there, holding up one painful leg only because he cannot hold up all four. It is just pitiful to watch.

How and when we will be able to get him to his final rest I do not know. If we will get another dog I do not know. Why bad things happen to good dogs I do not know. That life will go on, I do know, just as it did after Zachary left us fifteen years ago. We still slip up and call Buster "Zach" from time to time, because the memories do not go away quickly, and this is both blessing and burden. There are many memories of Buster recorded in these pages, and some day I will be glad of that. And if we get another dog some day, he'd just better get used to living in a big black shadow for a long, long time. This I know.

I talk to him when I'm lonesome like; and I'm sure he understands. When he looks at me so attentively, and gently licks my hands; then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes, but I never say naught thereat. For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes, but never a friend like that. ~W. Dayton Wedgefarth

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really. ~Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

Labradors are lousy watchdogs. They usually bark when there is a stranger about, but it is an expression of unmitigated joy at the chance to meet somebody new, not a warning. ~Norman Strung

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I'll pray for all of you. It's a hard time as I know from my own experience. Take comfort in the fact that all of you, including Buster, have been enriched by Buster's presence among you.

And don't make a decision about another dog too inflexible either way. We didn't replace our German Shepherd whom we had for 15 years. That was partly a matter of lifestyle changes, but I miss having a dog. Cats are different.

Again, my prayers for all of you, Buster included.

Posted by: Jan at June 29, 2003 04:48 PM

*hugs* losing a pet is a horrible thing to have to go through. Buster and ya'll are in my thoughts.

Posted by: Pegasong at June 29, 2003 10:55 PM

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