June 27, 2003

You wanna Piece 'o Me?

Apparently they do. In the age of emergent diseases, I regret to report that we now have a new strain of bloodsucking mutant gnats on Goose Creek, and I have the bright red smears on my lily-white legs to prove it. Ann scoffed and said my itchy bites must be mosquitoes (which she knows we very rarely see around here) but I saw the exsanguination in progress behind my knees and on my wrists, and they were definitely gnats, except more heavy bodied and wearing black leather, and with pierced antennae. And they bit like cats: sinking the teeth in first, then kick-kick-kicking mightily with their hindmost legs. And they got a piece of me, some white meat, some dark.

And speaking of gardening, go pay a visit to new blogger and some-day freestanding organic Farmer Hope, who just started her brand-spanking-new weblog, Taproots and Wheelbarrows. Rumor has it she may some day relocate from The BigCity to be our neighbor here in Floyd, if the right farming opportunity comes along. And Hope, if you come this way, yeah, we'll be happy for some tomatoes!

My momma taught me to share. From our garden, we have a surplus, available to the first inquiries. Only stipulation is you must come get it. We have, for immediate offer to a good garden home: rocks, assorted igneous, irregular shapes, up to loaf-of-bread size, quantity unlimited; also, purslane and gallinsoga seeds, pick your own from what was going to become the First Family garden, then seemed destined to become a hydroponic opportunity for the growing of sugar cane and/or rice or other submerged greenery, now baking under a sun that acts like it has some catching up to do. Oh yeah. You can have as many of our mutant gnats as you want... send some to someone you know who needs an adventure in gardening phlebotomy.

Addendum: Bogie, I am afraid you are right. I didn't really think they were gnats, which don't have the piercing-sucking mouthparts our new arrivals obviously do have. They fit the part of black flies, and we have never been bothered by them before... perhaps a combination of mild winter followed by uncommonly wet spring. We have deer flies, too, especially when walking in the woods... but this looks like a good solution to being divebombed by those sorry suckers. And I'm wondering if this isn't yet another use for DUCT TAPE!

Posted by fred1st at June 27, 2003 05:13 AM | TrackBack

You sure those biting "gnats" aren't black flies (which act and look like gnats - except they bite rather painfully). If I remember right, their supposed to be in your area also - just not as common as in our neck of the woods.

Posted by: bogie at June 27, 2003 07:16 AM

Ouch! Black flies. Locals here know never to go to the beach on days when the wind is from the north. Blows the black flies toward the beach and the pesky varmints will purely ruin your day.

Posted by: Jim (aka JC South) at June 27, 2003 11:19 AM

We have deerflies and horseflies making their presence known also. I don't know about the deerfly "patch". I would feel like a walking fly-paper strip!

Posted by: bogie at June 27, 2003 12:37 PM

oh boy, if our northwoods black flies have migrated as far south as you, I'm sorry. They don't bite, they chew a hunk out of you, leaving only a dripping line of blood and a painful, itchy welt as their calling card. Sorry, Fred!

Posted by: beth at June 27, 2003 01:28 PM

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