June 18, 2003


Some notable updates in the mass exodus from Blogspot to Moveable Type, and changes to the blogroll soon to come...

Bigwig of Silflay Hraka has his own domain, although not his archives retrieved from his former abode at blogger.com at this writing.

Boynton, down under, also has recently moved and offers a small sign that Fragments don't always fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, Terry Oglesby of Possumblog ain't gone nowhere, but is telling jokes.

And Fragments has suddenly become visible to Technorati. I was beginning to believe that I was a figment of my imagination. And BeneDiction sent me a heads-up yesterday saying he and I were side by side, barely squeaking under the 500 barrier in NZBear's ecosystem, having attained the status of Crawly Rodents. Ah, a year ago... seems like only yesterday I lay in the primordial ooze, an Insignficant Microbe. UPDATE: checking just now to verify my facts, today I have sunk to the level of Floppy Bird at #525. Sick Gloria Monday. I'd trade it all plus th' gal down th' road for Grandma's featherbed.

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