June 17, 2003


Make plans now to attend the The 3rd Annual Nigerian E-Mail Conference. (Thanks to Chris O'Donnell for the heads-up).

This is too good an opportunity to pass up. Learn all there is to know about the Nigerian email industry. You'll come away with an understanding of the art and skill necessary to write compelling emails IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS; know exactly how many typographical and grammatical errors are optimal; learn of other countries now exploiting the millions-a-day method that has been so successful for Nigerians such as MR. IBRAHIM AHMED, inventor of the uppercase method.

(Let me know if you're going, we can travel over together. And don't forget to bring all the information about your bank accounts; there will be many opportunities there for large deposits IMMEDIATELY!) Some helpful quotes from previous attendees:

  • "My business has increased by 45%, and I am now experiencing an 89.4% ROI" - Mariam Abacha
  • "It was a genuine pleasure to meet other honorable business persons such as myself." - Isa Ahmed
  • "The presentation on P.T. Barnum was especially helpful." - Farouk Bakoh

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