June 08, 2003

Feast and Famine

There is too much going on, not too little, accounting for posts less frequent over the past week in Fragments, as many of you understand. The writing workshop changes gears, as a new author steps in tomorrow... one whose primary works are in the realm of poetry, about which I know little. I have reading to do before class tomorrow, and I am being inundated by a flood of topics I want to write about at length.

And I have come to a decision: Fragments will soon be hiring. More about that later. Now, with less than four hours of sleep since returning from the Carter Fold trip early this moring, Ann is wisking me off to church. I will, of course, be carrying along a helmet to prevent pew-related traumatic brain injury.

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Good luck on the poetry section. If the author is free-willed and open-minded it will be quite a good session, opening your eyes to new imagery and a whole new style.

Good writing teachers are hard to come by. A few let their egos overwhelm them and make a point of picking down students. If you get to the point where you organize a group beyond these sessions, choose the members carefully.

I am in a group that is somewhat overwhelmed behind the scenes with politics. Another member is out to get me. His latest jab is to have written a story with an uncomplimentary character about me. The story says much about his lack of personal self-examination: he, of course, is the hero. Putting such a story before a group to critique is nothing but an act of sadism. He's hoping that I will be paralyzed/angry and that the group won't catch on.

I hate these situations and it is everything I can do to keep my calm before it explodes. An important lesson is that the group leader has failed to talk to this fellow about previous complaints about his behavior both in the group and on the fringes (in critiques and emails). So the lessons are to pick people carefully and when strife begins, address it openly and immediately.

Posted by: Joel at June 8, 2003 10:38 PM

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