June 05, 2003

My Dinner with Andre, Sort of

I write best when my mind is not oppressed by too many ideas. This morning I am wonderfully oppressed, and mute. Suffice it to tell you that Dr. Robert "Jack" Higgs and I had dinner together last night after class. I have seldom... I'd be willing to say never... had an evening of conversation that at once covered such breadth and dove so deeply into the lives and passions and hopes of two men. I feel I have sat at the feet of giants. Dr. Jack would refuse to be so described, but the writers through history, many of whom have been friends of this man over the past forty years, were with us at that table last night and participated in our conversation. They talked to me through Dr. Higgs about the terror and ecstacy of the writing life. And this rumpled avuncular Man of Letters sat with me, like a father with son, gently drawing, kindly chiding, willing to nudge me, in the fullness of time, over the too-comfortable edge of my nest. It is on the way to the ground that I may find out 'what it is that I should do with my life as a writer' and this man has helped me be willing to try my feathers.

About this I could write volumes. Some day. But now: I have homework.

Posted by fred1st at June 5, 2003 05:50 AM | TrackBack

Good luck with the homework, Fred.

Posted by: Da Goddess at June 5, 2003 07:58 AM

Fred, I sincerely hope that Dr. Higgs gives you the confidence to try those feathers and fly. You write poetically and with a deft hand and eye, it's always one of my daily pleasures to come here and read... to simply be enveloped in your words. Wonderful.

Posted by: Alexandra at June 5, 2003 10:29 AM

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