June 02, 2003

Tween Times

With the long days of summer, the garden coming on, flowers blooming and insects whirring, there will be plenty enough fodder for Fragments' daily photo-ops and soliloquys. Add to this, the steady stream of dialogue now underway regarding the 'Place Portal' that seems destined to happen this summer, and now, starting today, a two week writing workshop. I can't say what will happen with the daily blog, but it seems likely to, well, shift focus a bit. But not much, perhaps.

I have the 'first day of class' euphoria and terror. Today, just maybe, I'll meet people and ideas that will change me forever. Maybe meet one person, unlikely more than that, whose path has been converging with mine for... well, we won't say how long... and we will become part of each other's lives for the rest of the journey, friends. Unlikely. But possible. Could be that in these two intensive weeks, materializing on the invisible bones of a lifetime of being, will come the flesh of a purpose with my words... a unifying theme that will give the gentle push needed to sustain a longer thought and story than what I am now comfortable with after one full year in my early morning rambles that end up, most of the time, right here.

This will be the twenty-sixth Annual Highland Summer Conference on Appalachian Writing and Culture at Radford University. We'll meet three hours every day for two weeks. Readings from the guest authors who will conduct the workshop (and some external guests as well, and readings perhaps from the participants) will happen on Tuesday and Thursday nights. This coming Saturday, we leave campus at 2:00 pm and arrive back at 2:30 am, after visiting the Carter Fold, home of the singing Carter Family, in Hiltons, Virginia.

The two author-leaders I was not familiar with. I think after spending fifteen class hours or more (and perhaps a dinner or two as well) with each of them, I will be able to say much more about them soon. We'll be using their books as supplemental reading material, and I expect to tell you about some of that as well. One required book that seems especially germane to what's going on in my pea-brain will be Bloodroot: Reflections on Place by Appalachian Women Writers.

Seems likely that I may be able at the very least to excerpt to Fragments some of what I am assigned to write in this little workshop, since it's subject coincides rather nicely with what I write about most of the time anyway! So: If posts in the next two weeks seem to diverge from the usual blue plate special served here, I can only hope it might eventually lead to, at the very least, some new plates to serve this stuff on. Hang with me, y'uns.

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Your happy anticipation is palpable. Write on, Fred!

Posted by: peggy at June 2, 2003 07:09 AM

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