May 30, 2003

Arthur Come Ta Visit

"I just ain't been no good since Arthur come ta visit" a grandmotherly patient told me in my first year as a therapist.

"Pardon me? Is Arthur a relative?" I asked, naively.

"Naw, lands. Arthur-Itis in ma bones, honey".

Since then, I've heard tales of bad ol' Arthur visiting all sorts of folks, and he's even come to visit me over the past couple years. And now, he has come to stay with our four-year-old Black Lab, Buster.

That's the diagnosis. I think that's right. And wrong. After looking at a hefty stack of xrays of all joints except the spine, yes, I can see the irregular margins around the back of the right 'ankle'. There are some boney changes, yes. But that observation doesn't account for his episodic malaise that seems to run concurrently with his painful periods. I still think there was an infectious agent, and even though the tick panel came back negative a few months ago (false negatives are not uncommon) I wonder if giving meds merely for pain is not missing the causative agent. But I don't think we'll ever know.

The type and location of the arthritic change is unusual enough the vet is sending the xrays to the Vet School at Tech for their analysis. Meanwhile, we'll feed ol' Buster Glucosamine and MSM, with Lodine for pain as needed, to see if we can keep Arthur's visits as few and far between as possible here at Infirmary Farms. And I guess that's about all I can say about that tonight... my wrists are killing me and it's time for my anti-inflammables, as another patient called them.

Thanks for you concern for the pup, folks. Have a great weekend.

Posted by fred1st at May 30, 2003 08:16 PM | TrackBack

Hope the Vet School can give you more complete answers. Buster seems a bit young for arthritis - but it can happen.

Posted by: bogie at May 31, 2003 06:03 AM

Sure hope Buster improves, Fred. The meds should give him some relief soon..

Posted by: deb at May 31, 2003 08:53 AM

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