May 27, 2003

Dare ya. One Word. Go.

Take the One Word Challenge. Humbling.

SPRING. A 60 second essay by Freddie First, who'd like you to believe he is in the third grade, Minnie Holman School, Birmingham, AL.

Spring is almost over. It has set the stage for the long torpid days of summer. Spring is a good bye and a hello. I will miss it. Summer is oppressive as spring is liberating. Spring is a time of birth, summer of sweat.

But some 60-second essays warrant more humility that others. Do. Let us see your results. I showed you mine, now show us yours. (Gee I hope I don't get any lascivious Google visits out of that sentence!)

Posted by fred1st at May 27, 2003 07:29 AM | TrackBack

spring is waking up from a long winter spring is youth spring is a little boy, maybe three or four, before he's hit adolescence. It is hot and cold, rainy and sunny, fresh and already dying. spring is incredibly happy and fills me with nostalgia.

Posted by: Bryan at May 27, 2003 08:44 AM

Soft sweet wispering winds, sentimental thoughts, as sun whorshipers blossom on the grass like the flowers pushing up through liberated soil long since lost beneath heavy snows. Silent waiting over, for now...

Posted by: Alexandra at May 27, 2003 10:13 AM

Opps... sorry about the spelling. Eek... runs screaming from the room.

Posted by: Alexandra at May 27, 2003 10:14 AM

sprung. done. gone. summer. lemonade. roses. tomato red. ocean blue. pea green. envy.

Don't ask...haven't a clue what it means or from where it came.

Fun site tho.

Posted by: feste at May 27, 2003 04:34 PM

The scent of fresh turned soil, flowers popping up from the ground. Azaleas, new leaves on pecans trees in that particular shade of green. The smell of the wind. *sigh*

Posted by: Pegasong at May 27, 2003 10:45 PM

spring is 3 months off - almost winter here and we have a sort of mirror- full sun, blue sky crisp air, only fallen leaves. On the other side of July, deep in August we will all long for spring again, after days and days of grey low skies and wind and rain, but today even winter seems spring enough.

Posted by: boynton at May 28, 2003 11:06 PM

change: hardest to accept at times, most anticipated others. the sloughing off of dead skins. through the soil, a brazen head pokes wildly.

Posted by: hope at May 30, 2003 04:41 PM

The sun smiles as the last snow melts into a puddle of giggles.

Posted by: Lisa at May 31, 2003 09:00 AM


Spring is a time for new beginnings,
When hope is eternal,
And life is full of possibilities.

Spring is the introduction of a kitten into one's home,
And the 5 year anniversary of your shared life together.

Spring is the time for a clean start,
Fresh surroundings, new choices,different perspectives.

Spring is a bke ride on the beach, ogling the...scenery.
A ride around the Back Bay, alone with your thoughts,
Hoping to someday share the experience with someone special before it's too late.

Spring is for growing a new you.
A new voice, a new body, a new life, new hope.

Spring is here! Make the best of it!

Posted by: Kiril at June 9, 2003 02:08 AM

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