May 20, 2003

Heads-up, bloggeroos and bloggerettes.

"Place bloggers" have their own special spot this week on Carnival of the Vanities over at Cut on the Bias. Susanna was kind enough to give us a little section to ourselves, and EIGHT of us have submitted posts that either discuss or give examples of "writing of or about place". Check it out, along with the usual wide variety of serious-to-silly offerings from familiar blogging personalities.

This group-blog happened as a result of some conversation that's been going on twixt a half-dozen of us. Could be that in weeks to come, there will be a place where this little niche of the blogosphere can grow in scope and sense of community. It's not ALL about politics, you know! Stay tuned!

Posted by fred1st at May 20, 2003 09:12 PM | TrackBack

heard about you all on a PBS talk hour. Just what do you people do besides chew the fat and try to solve the worlds problems?

Posted by: stephi at May 24, 2004 01:39 PM

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